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Zeller is an innovative crypto project that aims to succeed

We make it simple, our success is your gain

Clear Roadmap with promising future and indisputable potential

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Name: Zeller
Symbol: ZLR
Decimals: 18
Total supply: 1 000 000 000

75% of team token locked


75% of the team tokens locked for 1 year! Proof in the whitepaper.

5% burn


5% of the revenue generated through advertising will be burned.

Liquidity lock


Liquidity lock!

Zeller is a global crypto project. Take advantage of the pre-sale opportunity and invest in Zeller before the public sale.

The pre-sale price of the ZLR token varies daily

Refer to the whitepaper for more information

One channel for all
All content in one place

The Zeller Mission

An entirely new experience through a variety of exclusive content provided by talented creators in an aggregated format.

We present relevant topics prepared by experts and artists to colour your world

Our vision is to bring a wide range of programs for all

Content creation in 6 languages

1 billion potential viewers

Regular content and content producers

Exclusive content

Product display

Tokenized advertising platform

We create together and profit from it together


1,000,000,000 (1 billion) tokens have been created. See token distribution in the whitepaper.

In the cryptocurrency market, they say there are three ways you can win. You are either smart or lucky or fast! We reward speed in the first round, the faster you buy, the cheaper you get it.

Of the 1 billion tokens created, the team has 200 million tokens, 75% of which are locked for 1 year. Certificate in the whitepaper.

In the public listing, we determine the price of the token on pancakeswap, which will be 0.0000165012 BNB. The first liquidity we pay in is also locked, as are 75% of the team’s tokens

Zeller is an innovative crypto project that aims to get as many followers and display ads as possible on the already well-established and well-known social media platforms. Advertisers can only pay for ads in ZLR tokens, which can only be purchased from the public market. We burn 5% of our token revenue from ads.

The value of the ZLR token increases steadily during the pre-sale period with daily pricing, the difference between the first pre-sale price and the public sale price being 4X. We will continue to burn 5% of our advertising revenue, reducing the number of tokens out there, so “Zeller Holders” can earn passive revenue. Details in whitepaper.

How to buy


Current price: 0.0000163695 BNB/ZLR
-> Price tomorrow: 0.0000165012 BNB/ZLR

1. Step 33%
Minimum purchase: 6886 ZLR

Copy contract address and add it to your wallet

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